How to solve for the missing side of a triangle

In this video I will explain you step by step and datallly, how to find or calculate the length of the missing side of a right triangle 

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3.1. Calculate the third side of a right triangle.

Example of a triangle with an unknown side | Khan Academy

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How to find the sides of a right triangle using

In this video we explain how to find the sides of a right triangle using the Pythagorean Theorem.

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How to calculate the sides of a right triangle

So that you can visualize it, the formula is as follows: a² + b² = c², with "a" and "b" being the shortest sides, and "c" being the longest (the diagonal or so-called hypotenuse). Fill in the information you know in the equation. Connect the side you know to the corresponding letters in the equation.20 Jan 2017
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